Happy Sunday & Mother's Day!

Happy Sunday & Mother's Day!

This morning I came across this article about a mother playing catch with her young son. This paragraph really hit me:

"I still love the satisfying smack of the ball into the mitt, the almost magical feeling of stopping it midair. I like the thrill of reaching some number of consecutive passes, the singular focus of our combined concentration. Most of all I love spending the time, outside, with my son."

I wanted to share it because of the beauty of the story, and because, on this wonderful spring Sunday, it reminded me of three things:

The incredible value of just doing something for the sake of the doing.

How connections can be made with others in our lives without talking, by engaging in something the other person likes or cares about, even if you don't.

The impermanence of our lives and how what seems as if it will last, but never does.

I hope you enjoy it and the day!


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